Komposter is a lightweight music composing system for MacOS X, Linux, FreeBSD and possibly other x86 platforms. It's intended mainly to be used in applications where the size of the executable must be minimized, such as 4K and 64K intros which render the audio at runtime.

By using fully modular "virtual analog" model, the composer can build the synthesizers from scratch using simple basic building blocks. This minimizes the amount of code required and relies more on data, which can be compressed more effectively.

A simple pattern-based sequencer is used to create songs which can use up to 24 voices, each of which can use a different synthesizer. Each synthesizer can be programmed with a number of patches that can be changed between patterns.

Komposter includes a song-to-nasm converter and a player with full x86 assembly source code for including to your own programs. The player code should be easily adaptable to other x86 platforms as well.

Komposter is (c) 2010-2018 (see AUTHORS) and licensed under the GNU GPL v2. Standalone player and song converter code is licensed under the MIT license.

example songs and sound clips


Komposter (build 2018-05-13) for Mac OS X (DMG, 1.0MB)

Source code is available from Github.